What is Suboxone

Noted as the first opioid medication, Suboxone has been approved by the DATA 2000. The medicine proves effective in treating individuals with substance dependency and opioid addiction. The biggest advantage of using this medicine is that it could be used at home much like other medicines for various medical reasons.

Buprenorphine is the major ingredient present in Suboxone and it is a partial opioid agonist. Being a partial opioid agonist, the effects of Buprenorphine are limited on the human body. Compared to other opioid agonists such as heroin or oxycodone, it is not much harmful.

The characteristic insolubility of the medicine due to the presence of Naloxone in Suboxone makes it difficult for one to inject it. The best way to take it is to place it underneath the tongue. The possibility of Naloxone reaching the bloodstream can be controlled when taken as per the direction. Hence, patients feel nothing but the effects of Buprenorphine. If Naloxone gets injected, then person with a full opioid agonist might show withdrawal symptoms quickly.

The correct dosage of Suboxone can help in:

■ Allevieting the urge for using opioid

■ Ensuring speedy recovery from the condition

■ Supressing the symptoms for opioid withdrawal

■ Killing cravings for opioid

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