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Suboxone and Buprenorphine Detox and Treatment Programs in Providence are Rescuing People from the Dangerous Cycle of Opioid Addiction:

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With the incessant uptick in the number of patients diagnosed with drugs and substance addiction issues, suboxone treatment doctors Providence are growing concerned. The opioid epidemic is a prominent trend dealing a significant blow to life expectancy rates across the US. The situations continue to grow worse throughout the world, with substance addiction claiming numerous lives in conjunction with the deadly COVID-19 viral pandemic. Sublocade doctors near me feel that maintenance medication like Suboxone and Buprenorphine can help the patients recover safely from the clutches of substance abuse and break the negative cycle of opioid addiction. Of course, these suboxone doctors near me only assure patients’ safety if Suboxone and Buprenorphine are meted out in prescribed dosage within licensed suboxone clinics and under the supervision of trained medical experts.

Can Buprenorphine be used for medical withdrawal?

Suboxone treatment doctors Providence state that Buprenorphine is one of the powerful maintenance medications that is used to manage withdrawals and provide gradual recovery options from opioids. It is an essential component of Suboxone and provides a more efficient action than methadone or clonidine in tapered dosage.

Can I take methadone while on Suboxone?

According to the medical professionals at the suboxone treatment clinics Providence, drug interactions occur because of the synergistic or antagonistic effects that medications have on each other. Usually, suboxone doctors near me warn against combining methadone with partial agonists like Suboxone or Buprenorphine. Still, intake of methadone after Suboxone is not that deadly as it is when it is taken the other way round, and it might send the patient into withdrawal.

What is the difference between Buprenorphine and Buprenorphine Naloxone?

suboxone treatment clinics Providence

Buprenorphine is an opioid which is the main component of Subutex, whereas Buprenorphine/Naloxone is the combination that creates the formulation for Suboxone. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist, whereas Buprenorphine is an opioid itself. Though both the drugs’ efficacy in reducing opioid withdrawal is identical, the combination of Buprenorphine/Naloxone is being preferred in the treatment for suboxone addiction Providence because it prevents misuse and lessens the mild euphoric effects caused by Buprenorphine alone.

Can Subutex throw you into withdrawals?

Subutex contains Buprenorphine as the principal component, and its partial opioid agonist properties might precipitate opioid withdrawal in patients who physically rely on complete opioid agonists for their treatments. According to the sublocade doctors near me, such withdrawal symptoms become more prominent if Subutex has been administered parenterally or sublingually before the agonist effects of the opioid medications recede.

How long does precipitated withdrawal last?

According to the medical experts at the suboxone treatment clinics Providence, precipitated withdrawals are an unfortunate consequence of introducing a MAT plan without proper opioid detox. If Suboxone initiates the precipitated withdrawals, the symptoms will commence within one to two hours of the initial dosage and continue for several hours and even up to a day before subsiding.

Can doctors prescribe Suboxone for pain?

Suboxone clinics near me say that a licensed medical expert can do the prescription of Suboxone for chronic pain management.

How are the Suboxone and Buprenorphine treatments and counseling helping people break free from substance abuse?

Most of the individuals end up being trapped inside the cycle of opioid addiction since they fear the experience of excruciatingly painful withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit. Suboxone clinics near me are a huge step forward in this regard. The use of Suboxone by suboxone treatment doctors Providence provides the patients with a viable capacity to advance towards recovery and maintaining sobriety without encountering painful symptoms and cravings. The treatment for Suboxone addiction is also helping such afflicted individuals obtain mental clarity that lets them participate in the therapeutic components of the addiction treatment services.

The recovery from opioid dependence necessitates the treatment for both the physical and psychological aspects of addiction. Therefore, the individual and group therapy offered by the suboxone treatment clinics Providence aims at providing psychological support while curing the physical ailments with medication-assisted treatment. The individual therapy sessions provided by an expert counselor aims at encouraging open and safe communications while trying to probe into the underlying causes of addiction and treating them in a safe environment, thereby laying the foundations for a substance-free future. Suboxone doctors also encourage group therapy sessions where the patient gathers support and motivation to navigate their way towards a lasting recovery. With a holistic treatment for suboxone addiction Providence, the patients can dream of a future filled with the blessings and joys of life rather than the travails of substance addiction and dependence.

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