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Addiction Myths You Should Know

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Drug Addiction or Substance dependency is a subject that’s surrounded by distortion, half-truth, and misinformation. We all grow believing a lot of misconceptions and myths. But believing in myths related to something perilous like drug addiction can be fatal in a possible way. According to Suboxone treatment clinics Providence, most people fail to resist the temptation of drug addiction or even care to search “Suboxone clinics near me” because of these myths. Dogmas about substance abuse usually come from a place of distress or prejudice. As a consequence, it’s often problematic for people to get the actualities they need to make conscious decisions.

Let’s have an example. Suppose Tom is suffering from substance abuse for a long time, and he knows how this addiction is costing him his career, social status, and relationship. But he never tries to treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence because he ‘believes’ that substance abuse cannot be treated.

But the fact is totally opposite of this myth. Now, people are often too reluctant to enquire about real facts. Let’s see what myths are closely related and keep affecting people with substance abuse.

Myth #1: Individuals with Substance Abuse Difficulties can stop any time they want

Fact 1: Addiction is a psychological disease that needs treatment for Suboxone addiction

Many people believe that resisting the urge of drug abuse is all about motivation. You just need to be motivated enough to take control. They think stopping substance abuse is purely a matter of willpower. If a person sets out to taking drugs, a yearning to do so should be sufficient, right? If you are in your phase one of substance abuse and still believe in this myth, then we are about to burst your bubble.

Unfortunately, each puff you take is slowly reconfiguring and reprograming your brain. As per the Suboxone treatment doctors Providence, due to the brain modifications that happen as a consequence of substance abuse, treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence is almost always required for the person to begin recovery. Suboxone doctors define substance addiction as a chronic and progressive disorder that causes alterations in the brain, and it drives a person to instinctively seek and use substances.

Myth #2: Substance Abuse is only Problematic in a lower income socio-economic level of Society.

Fact 2: Substance abuse influences every layer of society.

While certain ages, genders, or socio-economic groups may involve in higher levels of substance abuse than others, but make no mistake: drug addiction is overall a societal issue. Finding it hard to believe?

Well, then pay a visit to any of the Suboxone treatment centers Providence to get a glimpse of reality. From metropolitan Suboxone clinics to the suburbs to rural centers, no one is relieved from the impact of substance abuse. Be it someone elderly or a child, anyone who fills a prescription — the probability for abuse exists.

Myth #3: If it’s a Prescription Drug, it cannot be Addictive

Fact 3: Addiction to prescription and remedial drugs happens frequently

Some individuals still believe that if a doctor prescribes a medicine, it is entirely safe and cannot be addictive. Unluckily, this isn’t correct. Many prescription drugs have a high possibility for addiction and abuse, particularly medications like benzodiazepines, opioid painkillers, sleeping pills, barbiturates, clonazepam, and stimulants. Suboxone treatment doctors Providence noted that Opioid addiction is one of the main issues when it comes to treating certain ailments.

Myth #4: People get hooked to just one substance

Fact 4: People can develop addictions to two or more drugs at a time

Many people believe that addicts with substance abuse issues have one drug of choice. But instances of Polysubstance abuse, where somebody uses two or more different substances, is currently more common. Suboxone treatment clinics Providence is experiencing this sort of patients and addicts every day.

Some individuals use several substances to create a more concentrated high, such as merging cocaine and heroin into a “speedball.” Others take precise drugs to diminish the undesired effects of alternative drugs, such as taking tranquilizers to suppress the impact of cocaine.

Why Believing the Myths Can Be Chancy?

Myths tend to nurture around subjects that are sensitive, confusing, and complex, such as Substance abuse or addiction. Risk comes from trusting a myth without questioning it and letting it impact your views and actions.

Lack of proper facts on substance abuse and addiction can cause:

  • Amplified substance use
  • Danger of overdose
  • Broken relationships
  • Increased psychological health issues
  • Augmented physical health difficulties
  • Serious injury.

What to Do?

Well, the first step should always be, educating yourself and not believing what others are saying blindly. No matter if your friend is an encyclopaedia or not, you just cannot trust whatever he or she is saying without checking the facts. We are living in a knowledge-centric era when every info is available with just a click. Then why not check the facts yourself.

Secondly, open your browser and search ‘Suboxone clinics near me’ or ‘Sublocade near me’ if you need any additional info. They are always there to help you. Seeking help is the first step towards your recovery. Finding the most reliable information from trustworthy sources helps keep you well-informed.

Final Thought

As a responsible citizen, we should know the glitches and misbeliefs that stops a person from going through the treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence. Even if you are not suffering from any substance abuse, then also your knowledge can uplift someone in need.

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