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What exactly is Opioid Addiction?

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Opioids are drugs which are generally prescribed to treat pain in the human body. With regular use, the pain does fade lessen or fade away. However, there are also times when the pain does become worse. This leads to the body developing a huge amount of dependence. Opioid dependence causes a lot of withdrawal symptoms, which makes it extremely difficult to put a full stop in their usage. Taking an extra dose of the prescribed amount or using opioids which are illegal such as heroin may also result in death.

Overview of the people in the U.S. Suffering from Opioid addiction:

Opioid addictions in the US has reached the correct epidemic proportions, which threatens not only just public health but also economic output and national security. The United States is under a lot of pressure as they are going through their toughest phase of drug crises. As per the data, more than a total of nine hundred people a week die from the overdose of opioid-related. As per the experts, there are a million Americans who suffer from opioid addiction. The crisis has reached at a very high scale, that now poses a huge risk to the public health which is leading to acting as a huge threat to national security.

The problem had started long back with the overconsumption of the medicines for legal pain such as the oxycodone. However, the matter went worse when in recent years when there was a large amount of cheap heroin and synthetic opioids such as the fentanyl supplied by the various foreign-based drug cartels.

 Demographics of the Opioid Crisis in the U.S.:

The situation of Opioid in the United States is very sad currently. The major people who overdose on the opioids are the white Americans who are non-Hispanic. This group makes up to a total of 80% of the annual cost. The very famous Economist ‘Anne Case’ and ‘Angus Deaton’, have spoken about the rise in “Deaths of Despair” which consist of drug overdose majorly amongst the white Americans who do not even have a college degree are the primary result of the wage stagnation over the last many decades which has resulted in decline of jobs.

 The scale of the epidemic:

The deaths involving the overdose of the epidemic has increased sixfold since 1999. From the recent data, it was made very clear that more than a total of forty-seven thousand people have been a victim of this overdose. Not the entire, such a major part of the credit goes to the physicians who had overprescribed since a few years now. Doctors initially had started prescribing more of opioids due to excessive pain and also that all the pharmaceutical companies had just started doing aggressive marketing of these drugs by stating that they pose very little or no risk.

With just a little spike in the usage of the opioids in the united states of America led to a rise in the number of prescriptions, as many users had eventually turned to heroin and the various other illegal drugs once they could not obtain enough of the prescribed drugs to keep up with their new ‘Addiction’.

 Suboxone Treatment:

For the patients going through the opioid addiction, Suboxone treatment acts as a one-stop destination to their severe problem. There are several Suboxone treatment centres providence which gives extremely effective ways to get over the addiction slowly and gradually.

The Suboxone Treatment is known to provide a very different experience to its patients. The treatment entirely believes in customization. Unlike other treatments, where there is just one way of curing which is imposed on every patient, the Suboxone Treatment provides customized treatments to its patients. 

It is very important to understand that every patient is different and has a different story to share. Our skilled doctors provide a proper counselling session for all patients. The first step is to properly understand the patients. Treat them like a subject and study them from the start to the end. Only when the doctors know their subject in and out can they plan a strategy which can effectively cure the patients in a faster and better way.

In the modern era we are living in, the environment is an extremely fast pace. We don’t tend to reflect a lot of things we do. Through the counselling session, the doctors will be able to help the patients vent out everything they have been going through and they have stuffed within themselves. Suboxone treatment has truly been very effective as a medicine to treat the patients.

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