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Suboxone–The Best & the Safest Haven that Cures Dependence and Offers a New Lease of Life

Suboxone is a medicine specially designed to help rid patients of their short term and long term opioid addiction.However, like any other form of medication Suboxone does not work overnight but needs to be coupled with counselling and other modern techniques and therapy.

Opioid dependenceis the second most common form of addiction and thus a serious threat to the commoners of the USA.Every day, more than 130 people in the United States die due to overdose of opioids. That being said we will now unravel the reason behind the alluring charm of this malignant drug.

  • Opioids are a class of drugs that contain the illegal drug heroin and synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and are usually contained in prescription pain relievers available at drug stores, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, morphine etc.

  • Opioid addiction is a major national crisis that affects both public health and social and economic welfare.Addiction is a condition where introducing any substance into the human body or blood stream which was initially a pleasurable experience eventually becomes a compulsion that can no longer be controlled despite its noxious consequences.

  • Opioids are highly addictive such that even short term use can have deadly results on an individual’s health, while their respective families are devastated and sometimes collapse in the throes of agony that come as the aftermath of such incidents.

  • Opioids seem so desirable because they trigger the release of endorphins or activate powerful reward centres in the human brain consequently awakening its feel-good neurotransmitters.Endorphins muffle a person’s perception of pain and increase feelings of pleasure, creating a temporary but powerful sense of well-being. But opioids are a detriment to society at large because after the effects of an opioid dose wear off, an individual finds himself longing for those good feelings and this is the first symptom of potential addiction.

  • Consuming opioids over a long period of time eventually leads to developing tolerance, in other words, the individual’s body gradually slows down its production of endorphins and the same dose of opioid now stops triggering the strong flood of good feelings that one used to experience previously.

  • Any opioid intake, for either short or long period of time, can develop into addiction. It is impossible to predict who is vulnerable to eventual dependence on and abuse of drugs like opioid.Even though an individual’s genetic, psychological and environmental factors, medical history and the length of time one uses opioids play a major role.

Why does a person indulge in substance abuse?

As we are well aware that substance or drug abuse of any kind tends to drag one into the fearful world of loneliness and make society shun them, it is a curious why one still feels the need to seek happiness through the use of drugs. The reasons may be the ones enlisted below.

  • Poverty
  • Lack of affection from one’s family members
  • Insufficient education
  • Mental trauma experienced by the concerned individual due to sudden death or separation from loved ones
  • Accidents that might have had an adverse effect on the person’s physical health.
  • The unrealistic demands that the society might make in terms of one’s job or social strata

The most effective treatment for such patients is love, compassion and patience coupled with the modern medication. But medicine alone cannot cure a patient s/hemust be made to feel the warmth of love and acceptance by the society at large such that it would thaw their forlorn view of life and the worldand help them overcome their shame and dejection and this alone would make it easy for the sufferersto get back into their former sober selves.

What is Suboxone Addiction Treatment?

Suboxone is popularly called a “blockbuster” medication by The New York Times because it has the potential to reduce symptoms of opiate addiction and withdrawal like no other forms of medication. Medical detox is the initial step in an opioid addiction treatment program by Suboxone. However, it should be used in conjunction with scientifically planned therapy and followed by thorough aftercare support.

Suboxone has made a number of headlines over the years for being a game-changing drug that can really turn the clock back on an opioid addiction.It is touted as a safer alternative to methadone in the face of an overwhelming opioid abuse epidemic.

How are patients treated at Suboxone treatment clinics?

In cases where an individual develops opioid tolerance the sufferer must ask the doctors for help. There are many safe choices available to help overthrow opioid dependence and start life anew. The suboxone doctor providencecan help the patient taper off the effects of opioids slowly and safely with the help of medications.

The highly qualified, well trained and certified doctors at Suboxone Treatment Clinics Providencecarry out continual research with the objective of devising modes of treatment to bring individuals out of both their short term and long term addiction. They work ceaselessly to make customised treatment available to each patient at affordable prices.

The expert Suboxone Doctor Providence administers superior treatment through the use of advanced tools and techniques along with suitable counselling that ensures that the patient is enabled to get a permanent relief from his/her dependency. Being suitably armed to overcome substance abuse each patient enjoys a healthy lifestyle.

Theseasoned medical practitioners help to check and often thoroughly eliminateaddiction through skilful and empathetic treatment of the patients. Besides being dedicated the doctors at Suboxone treatment clinics are compassionate towards each of their patients.They can fathomthe suffering individual’strauma and the feeling of shame and dejection that they go through.

The doctors at Suboxone treatment clinics make sure toseek out the root cause of dependency of each patient by evaluating their medical usage history and their socio-economic background. Following this they provide their patients with the best treatment with the help of the state-of-the-art tools, contemporary techniques, medication and care. These processes along with the checking and eventual removal of the root cause of a person’s tendency to dependent on drugs aids in the elimination of addiction.

Suboxone contains active ingredients like Buprenorphine (a partial opioid agonist) and Naloxone (a pure opioid antagonist). These components help the patients to overcome the painful withdrawal effects.

The standard method of taking the medication is by placing taking the correct dosage of Suboxone under the patient’s tongue. This is a virtually fool-proof way of suppressing symptoms of opioid withdrawal and reducing the cravings.

At Suboxone treatment clinics the doctors encourage their patients to create and extend their social support network so that they may freely share the experience of their struggle to overcome addiction with others dealing with the same predicament.

As already mentioned, methodical addiction counselling, therapy and medical assistance make the recovery from the effects of withdrawal quick and easy and at the same time fortify the patient to cope with the withdrawal symptoms. This blog is dedicated to all the sufferers of opioid abuse who are fighting a hopeless battle against the grim clutches of the substance. The tables have turned with the arrival of Suboxone the beacon of hope that will lead the addicts to a whole new world of health and joy.

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